Are EMRs to Blame for Physician Burnout?  10/14/16

Are EMRs to Blame for Physician Burnout? (Tom Lee, Interview 10/14/16)

“Tom Lee from NEJM Catalyst…with Steve Strongwater, a rheumatologist who is the CEO for Atrius Health in Boston…Are EMRs a symptom of burnout, or are they the actual cause of the disease?…physician burnout or physician wellness is a real problem in this country…What has happened over time is we have asked our clinicians to become sophisticated coders. They are clicking through screens that are cluttered, that are not designed with human factors in mind…

 So, what’s the solution?…begin to use artificial intelligence and machine learning to anticipate the needs of clinicians, and then to automate as much as possible during that workflow…We hope that the administrators and the physicians come into alignment …We need to have our administrators understand that workflow matters, quality of life matters, returning joy to the practice of medicine — not only for the physicians but for the rest of the practice… And we hope that joy returns really quickly.”

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