Best Hospitals Are Managed by Doctors December 12/27/16

Why The Best Hospitals Are Managed by Doctors

Tuesday, December 27, 2016 by James K. Stoller, Amanda Goodall and Agnes Baker

“…(W)hen an outstanding physician heads a major hospital, it signals that they have “walked the walk,” and thus have earned credibility and insights into the needs of their fellow physicians.  But we would argue that credibility may also be signaled to important external stakeholders — future employees, patients, the pharmaceutical industry, donors, and so on…Our research suggests that if a manager understands, through their own experience, what is needed to complete a job to the highest standard, then they may be more likely to create the right work environment, set appropriate goals and accurately evaluate others’ contributions.  Having an expert leader at the helm, such as an exemplary physician, may also send a signal to external stakeholders, such as new hires or patients, about organizational priorities.  These factors are revealed in new work soon to be released…Physician-leaders appear to be the most effective leaders precisely because they are physicians.”

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