Restoring Humanity In Healthcare

Restoring humanity in healthcare: How to counter America's physician and nurse burnout crisis

(Bridget Duffy MD, October 12, 2016)

 “Today, half of doctors…say they are burned out, with 30 percent of primary care doctors aged 35 to 49 years stating they expect to leave the profession…Overburdened physicians…have fallen victim to fatigue, stress and frustration (and) more hospital leaders are taking steps to equip (them) with technology that makes their jobs easier or provides solutions…Operational infrastructure and processes that allow…physicians to focus on delivering care will …reduce fatigue and frustration…Many prospective physicians lose their desire to practice medicine before they even finish medical school (and a) redesign of the curriculum could change this…and include(s) training in how to recognize and address burnout…We must all work together to restore humanity to the practice of healthcare…”

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