Disruptive Physicians Coach

Not all angry doctors are disruptive.  It is a label used by some to describe a doctor’s behavior.  If you, or a loved one, has started to develop issues with anger it is wise to seek help with an anger management coach before this label is applied to you. In other words, it is best for you to get anger management training before it is mandated by someone else, like an administrator, disciplinary board or judge.

If you are an administrator, lawyer or physician executive who needs help with a disruptive physician remember disruptive behavior often begins with unhelpfulness or rudeness. However in some cases it deteriorates into abusive or even violent behavior. When doctors intimidate or disrupt their peers or other staff members medical errors may occur. It also contributes to poor patient satisfaction and increases the cost of care. Nine out of ten physicians agree that disruptive physician behavior may affect patient care.

Not all disruptive physicians are simply angry.  Some may suffer from a mental or physical illness for which they need help. While Dr. Hudson does not treat mental pr physical problems, if he feels a problem cannot be helped with coaching he will refer you for further treatment and evaluation. Sometimes, it is possible for coaching to continue at the same time as additional medical or psychological treatment occurs.

Anger is a common problem, not limited to doctors.  Still, almost three out of four physicians say that in their workplace disruptive physician behavior occurs once a month and one in ten say it happens every day. One in four physicians admits to engaging in disruptive behavior at some time in their own career. It is widely recognized that patient safety and the quality of care depends on good communication and teamwork. The need for services to help doctors, and other health care workers, is large and increasing. 

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