Physician Anger Management & Disruptive Physician Coaching

Anger is a normal emotion but when poorly managed can cause chaos in the medical workplace. It is widely recognized that patient safety and quality of care depend on good communication and teamwork. There is an increasing need for services to help doctors, and other health care workers, manage anger appropriately and communicate well.  Dr. Hudson is a trained anger management specialist and  a Fellow of  the National Anger Management Association (NAMA). He is also an  anger management specialist certified by NAMA and Century Anger Management.

We have found that most physicians and surgeons prefer individual sessions over group sessions. Coaching for Physicians and Patrick Hudson MD have developed an individual anger management course for doctors.  We offer intensive full day coaching or a 12 week program that is primarily psycho-educational.  If completed satisfactorily,  you will be provided a letter confirming attendance and completion of the program.  

Our individualized program is a one-on-one and most sessions can be completed by telephone. In this way  physicians living at a distance can complete the program with fewer disruptions. If you have issues with anger or have been labelled a disruptive physician contact us now to learn about our programs designed for doctors like you.

Comments from Clients

(I)…was referred to Dr. Patrick Hudson for behavior which was considered to be aggressive (and) intimidating …I have become aware of… my non-verbal communication…I have learned and implemented techniques to use in daily interactions and stressful situations which minimize the negative impact I have on those around me…My family has benefited as welL…The service that Dr. Hudson provides should be widely available to providers. 

Dr. Patrick Hudson MD, FACS, BCC is a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons and a Fellow of the National Anger Management Association. He is also a  Board Certified Plastic Surgeon and a Board Certified Coach. In addition to his medical degrees, he has advanced degrees in Mental Health Counseling, Medical Ethics and Liberal Arts. Dr. Hudson is an anger management specialist certified by the NAMA and is available for coaching and education. He specializes in individual anger management and emotional intelligence coaching for physicians.

In the last few years the term disruptive physician has been coined to describe doctors who are not only unhelpful or rude but whose behavior has become abusive or even violent.  It is worth remembering that not all angry doctors are disruptive and not all disruptive physicians are angry!  It is a “label” used by others to describe a doctor’s behavior and does not have any medical or diagnostic significance.

Anybody can become angry – that is easy, but to be angry with the right person and to the right degree and at the right time and for the right purpose, and in the right way – that is not … easy. ~Aristotle

 If you, or a loved one, has started to develop issues with anger it is wise to seek help with an anger management coach before this label is applied to you. In other words, it is usually  best to get anger management training before someone else, like an administrator, disciplinary board or judge, mandates it for you.  In our experience, when a physician is made aware of their anger and its impact in an appropriate way, most are willing to make an effort to change their style of communication.

It is true that not all disruptive physicians are simply angry.  Some may suffer from a mental or physical illness for which they need help. While Dr. Hudson does not treat mental or physical problems, if he feels your problem cannot be helped with coaching he will refer you for further treatment and evaluation. Sometimes, it is possible for coaching to continue at the same time as additional medical or psychological treatment occurs.

The Coaching for Physicians’ anger management program for physicians is usually a one-on-one program and sessions may be completed by telephone or in person. In this way those living at a distance can complete the program with fewer visits and less disruption to their work schedule. Coaching sessions can be at your office at the discretion of Dr. Hudson (additional fee applies).

Dr. Hudson has developed an individualized anger management program for the needs of medical professionals. This is especially useful for physicians, hospital administrators, who may have difficulty with anger and frustration, especially in the work place. He is available for conflict management in the medical workplace both for one on one coaching and for departmental or organizational lectures and workshops.

National Anger Management Association (NAMA)


“Anger management … is not traditional psychotherapy or group counseling —rather it is a complex combination of insights from various …traditions that requires specific training in the field." 

Dr. Hudson is a Board Certified Coach and certified as an Anger Management Professional by Century Anger Management, a recognized global leader in the field of Anger Management training and certification. Century certified anger management is used in mental health, substance abuse, corrections, education, law enforcement, human resources, domestic violence, and pastoral counseling and for those who desire or need to work with angry and aggressive clients. The Century Anger Management model of intervention is used and accepted in most courts, probation departments, hospitals, mental health facilities, substance abuse facilities, major corporations, governmental agencies and private practices.

Dr. Hudson works with both men and women. His methods can use both group and an individualized educational or remedial coaching model. It is our experience that most physicians are more likely to get a prompt and lasting improvement from individual coaching rather than group coaching or education. The initial sessions are for a minimum of 10-12 sessions and meet the needs of most courts for personal anger management training. When all sessions are complete a certificate or letter of completion and attendance is provided. In addition he recommends a period of maintenance coaching, at least once a month for six months or more,  to monitor behavior and address concerns raised during the initial sessions. This helps individuals use their new skills as they meet the challenges of anger control during everyday life.

His special interest is with physicians and surgeons who are angry or exhibit disruptive behavior or other unprofessional conduct. In executive coaching and anger management, the program is tailored to the physician but in general has three parts. The first is an exploration of the nature of anger and its causes. In the second part participants learn tools for anger control and this may include:

Stress management

Empathy Development

Learning to respond instead of react

Improving self-talk

Assertive Communication

Expectation Management



In the third part, participants may explore the reasons for their anger and its frequent origins in shame and low self-esteem. A letter or certificate of completion is available when all 12 sessions are completed. In this program, Dr. Hudson often incorporates mindfulness training as part of anger management care.