Get The Most From Your Telephone Session

How to get the most from your telephone coaching session

It is important to me that I provide you with the best coaching possible. When we talk by telephone it is essential that we both can hear each other well.  Here are some tips to make our telephone conversation as successful as possible:


Find yourself a good location. Make certain you can speak privately and are not inhibited during our conversation by the presence of other people around you. Consider parking your car in a quiet location and sitting in your car. Do not try and have a session while driving or traveling on public transport.


If you are using a landline reception is not a problem but if you are using your cell check how many bars you have. Try and get to a location with maximum reception and stay in one place.


Consider investing in a good headset and microphone. If you have a headset with an earphone over both ears, you will hear me better. If you have a microphone that screens out external noise, I can hear you better.  Try not to rely on a regular cell phone alone. There are many excellent headsets, I recommend a headset like the Sennheiser MD Pro1 bluetooth headset for cell phones. If you do not have to hold you handset it will also free up your hands to take notes.

Pen And Paper

Have a piece of paper and a pen or pencil handy to write down notes while we are talking.  My responsiblity is to help you understand issues and make plans. It is your responsiblity to carry out your plans. If you can jot down notes you are less likely to forget what you need to do next.


Avoid an environment where there may be distractions. Put your cell on vibrate so you are less bothered by other calls or text messages. Make sure you pick a time of day for our call when you are least likely to be disturbed and can give your full attention to the call.


The evening before our session spend a couple of minutes making notes to yourself about things you want to discuss.  This is your time, use it wel

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