Keynote-Managing Physician  Burnout

How to Avoid and Manage Burnout for Physicians

Half of physicians report symptoms of burnout. Many are emotionally exhausted and feel disillusioned and cynical. If burnout is not managed they may experience depression, drug abuse, suicide, alcoholism, and other emotional problems. Unfortunately this can impact the quality of patient care. While many of the factors that cause burnout are systemic in modern medicine, there are several skills that can equip physicians to manage burnout and enjoy the practice of modern medicine. Some estimates suggest that the direct and indirect costs associated with replacing a  physician can range from $100,000 to over $1M. This keynote explains why physician and surgeon burnout is a dilemma that must be managed and is not a problem that can be solved. 

Depending on the time this lecture may give participants a greater understanding of these topics:

  • Understand the causes of physician burnout
  • Recognize the signs of burnout and an unbalanced life 
  • How to develop work life balance 
  • Explain the benefits of work life balance for physicians, patients and medical organizations
  • Manage burnout in themselves
  • Understand organizational factors that contribute to burnout
  • Identify resources to reduce burnout and develop a balanced lifestyle 
  • Improve time management and goal setting
  • Set boundaries and communicate needs
  • Know the difference between a boundary and an expectation
  • Understand the value of emotional intelligence and empathy
  • Use more effective work methods
  • Understand how the personality of physicians and medical training can contribute to burnout
  • Create balance at work and at home
  • Understand the importance of physician engagement and teamwork in the workplace
  • Manage stress 
  • … and much more  (CME approved)

Audience: physicians, physician executives, practice managers. administrators, healthcare executives

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