Mindfulness & Coaching

Mindfulness and meditation are valuable tools in many areas of coaching but especially for burnout, anger management and conflict resolution.  Meditation and mindfulness are helpful in managing the stress associated with anger and in helping to providing insight in anger management education. 

Mindfulness practice is also useful to aid chronic anxiety and depression, and during stressful times like a malpractice suit or divorce

The essence of mindfulness is simply paying attention to one's current experiences like thoughts and feelings and observing them in a non-judgmental  way. It is a powerful tool for self-knowledge. Research  by Erika Carlson (Carlson 2013)  of Washington University suggests that while we often think we know ourselves best other people may know us better.

Dr. Hudson has used these techniques in his personal life for over thirty years and has taken training with the  National Institute for the Clinical Application of Behavioral Medicine. He uses mindfulness training with many clients, both corporate and individual,  who use his methods  for coaching and anger management. Dr. Hudson believes that mindfulness techniques can help almost anyone who has anger control problems and is a useful adjunct to most coaching.

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