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If you are a doctor, Coaching for Physicians is here to help you. Our programs are designed primarily for physicians who are otherwise high functioning and need to achieve their personal or professional goals. Coaching for Physicians is the leader in specialized coaching for individual physicians and healthcare organizations. Dr. Hudson can provide a confidential and supportive approach for physicians. After over thirty years in medicine, he knows how medical doctors are subject to unique stressors. In addition to the normal events of life they must cope with the worries of malpractice, patient death and a changing medical work environment. His skills have been used by physicians and hospitals to assist with the education and coaching of physicians. Dr. Hudson has the special understanding and training needed to coach individuals and medical couples (one or both a physician). In addition to our individual services we provide corporate and organizational coaching for organizations involved in healthcare, such as medical groups, hospitals, medical societies, medical research organizations and insurance companies. We provide confidential on-site coaching for high value physicians and surgeons, and other high profile clients, both nationally and internationally. Coaching for Physicians can also provide intensive coaching lasting half and full days for individuals.  

REFERENCES & COMMENTS: “I would like to write a strong letter of recommendation for the coaching I have received from Dr. Patrick Hudson…As a surgeon who is clinically busy and also involved in medical group/hospital leadership, I realized that having a coach is very important for developing “the soft skills” one needs to be successful in these roles. I have never had any training in these skills and finding a coach like Patrick was fabulous. Dr. Hudson has been a great resource to me and his wealth of knowledge is second to none. Our sessions have been spot on and he has provided me crucial information and readings that have shaped my leadership skills. He has become a great part of my career growth and comfort with my planning…As a surgical specialist, Dr. Hudson’s availability, communication and professionalism match my expectations of a coach. He is a great communicator and fabulous listener who has a great knowledge about the medical challenges…leaders face…I highly recommend Dr. Hudson as a coach for physicians without any hesitation. He is truly gifted in his knowledge and skills and will be a great resource to any physician leader or clinical doctor looking to expand their skills.” Vascular Surgeon/California

We specialize in intensive marathon coaching. This immersive experience is the quickest way to make changes and get up to speed on important soft skills concepts. Individuals meet one-on-one with Dr. Hudson for 5 hours a day and for 1-3 consecutive days and stay overnight at a nearby hotel or bed and breakfast (we can help you make arrangements).  Each client has a unique schedule that is worked out in advance. Intensive marathon coaching is especially useful for physician clients who cannot attend weekly coaching sessions and need to travel from distant locations.

Our services for  individual  physicians include :

Burnout: Physician burnout and stress reduction is an area where coaching is especially useful. Burnout is a  term that usually refers to long-term exhaustion and diminished interest in work but should not be seen as a work problem alone. Indeed it can occur in the home situation and be destructive to relationships. While doctor burnout was assumed to result from chronic occupational stress, there is evidence that it also related to our personal life-style.

Emotional Intelligence & Communication Skills Coaching: Over the last few years coaches have come to understand that when it  comes to happiness and success, emotional intelligence (EQ) matters more than intellectual ability (IQ). If you want  to build stronger relationships, or succeed at work, then higher emotional intelligence usually helps. Highly successful people who achieve their career and personal goals are even more likely to have a high EQ than a high IQ 

Anger Management & Disruptive Physician Coaching: Not all angry doctors are disruptive.  It is a label used by others to describe a doctor’s behavior.  If you, or a loved one, has started to develop issues with anger it is wise to seek help with an anger management coach before this label is applied to you. In other words, it is best for you to get anger management training before someone else, like an administrator, disciplinary board or judge, mandate it for you. 

Malpractice Support and Avoidance: Litigation is a common cause of emotional distress for doctors. Medical malpractice litigation takes a toll on physicians and their families. After a lawsuit most doctors feel angry and irritable. Coaching for Physicians can support you through these times and help you define your goals for the future.

Team Building and Physician Leadership: as a trained and authorized Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team Provider, Dr. Hudson is equipped to help individual physicians and organizations develop the skills needed to lead healthcare teams. The survival of the medical profession as we know it, requires the development of leadership skills not only for physician executives but for all physicians, even those in a one person office. Most non-physicians in healthcare and the public, think of doctors as the leader of the healthcare team. This is rapidly changing and  physicians  can choose to develop these skills and lead, or someone else will and lead them.

Marital & Relationship Coaching: Many couples find themselves in a marriage that is less than satisfying  but want to preserve and improve the marriage for their own sake as well as children. In a situation like this marriage coaching is often helpful. Coaching assumes you are already doing some things well and just want to do better. The aim is to maximize performance and get the most out of your marriage.  

Divorce: Going through a divorce is often emotionally exhausting. Unfortunately it is more likely than not that a first marriage will not succeed and even more likely for a second.  If you have passed the point where marital counseling or coaching might help then coaching during the process of a divorce can provide emotional support and an understanding of what happened and how to make the most of the future.

Personal Life Coaching & Transitions: At some point, most  physicians  question the direction of  their life and wonder about their meaning and purpose.  At these times existential life coaching is an excellent method  of self examination. Its aim is greater self understanding not just in the coaching session but in life in general. 

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Executive coaching: Executive Coaching for physicians is concerned with performance, development and fulfillment at work, whether in the office or hospital.  Most physicans promoted to executive positions do not have the background and skills needed to build teams and lead groups.  Executive coaching often involves organizations as well as individuals and can improve the functioning of teams and whole organizations. When you need to advance your career in medical leadership, executive coaching is a useful tool.

Time Management and Procrastination:Procrastination is likely the number one trait that makes physicians less productive and successful. Many get bogged down, endlessly putting off what they need to do to make their practice more successful.  This impacts the quality of their patient care,  their relationships and life in general.

Conflict Resolution: Dr. Hudson is a trained mental health counselor and a Fellow of the National Anger Management Association.  When  coupled with his lifetime of  experience as a physician these skills make him uniquely qualified to help you resolve  conflicts in the medical workplace. 

Retirement Coaching: The average retirement age today is 62 and  every day 10,000 Baby Boomers reach the age of 65. One survey in 2013 suggested that more than half of physicians may consider retiring from medicine  within next 3 years. Some physicians are ill prepared for the changes that occur after retirement. They are usually in good health and can anticipate living longer lives and it is possible will spend more time in retirement than in their working life. Most are looking for ways to achieve and live their retirement dreams and view retirement not as an ending, but as a transition to a new and exciting phase of life. 

We are located in Albuquerque and Santa Fe, NM and provide services throughout the United States,Canada and Europe.

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