Anger Management for Physicians

Anybody can become angry – that is easy, but to be angry with the right person and to the right degree and at the right time and for the right purpose, and in the right way – that is …not easy

~ Aristotle

Anger Management Coaching for Physicians

Coaching for Physicians and Patrick Hudson MD have developed an individual anger management course for doctors, dentists and healthcare workers. It is usually a 12 week program that is primarily psycho-educational.  If completed satisfactorily,  you will be provided a letter confirming attendance and completion of the program. 

Dr. Hudson is a Fellow of  the National Anger Management Association (NAMA) and an anger management specialist certified by the NAMA. He is also able to speak with program directors, medical boards, hospital administrators, or employers to confirm satisfactory attendance.

The program is usually a one-on-one program and most sessions can be completed by telephone or video link, like Skype or WebEx. In this way  physicians living at a distance can complete the program with fewer visits to Albuquerque and less disruption to their work schedule. Sessions  can be at your office at Dr. Hudson’s discretion (additional fee applies) .

At Coaching for Physicians we have found that most physicians prefer individual sessions over group sessions.  There are several reasons for this. Physicans are high-profile clients and as a public figure he or she may wish to protect their status. As a rule they do not like to reveal things about themselves publicly and prefer private sessions, even if more expensive.

During the program you will be required to keep an anger diary and complete a number of exercises and readings.You may be provided with a booklet of exercises, depending on your needs, as determined during your first visit and evaluation. In his  program, Dr. Hudson often incorporates mindfulness training and remedial coaching as part of your anger management care. 

The program will cover most of the following topics but the order may vary:

picture of angry female doctor to illustrate anger management and coaching for physicians with Patrick Hudson MD, Board Certified Coach.

• Background information about Stress and Anger

• Recognizing Stress In Yourself

• Developing Empathy

• Learning To Respond Instead of React

• Changing Self-Conversation  

• How To Communicate Assertively

• Adjusting Expectations

• How To Forgive, But Not Forget

• Tools To Retreat And Think Things Over

• Exploring Background Issues, Including  Low Self-Esteem & Shame Based Behavior

This anger management program is suitable for doctors, dentists, nurses and other healthcare workers, attorneys, business executives, government workers and administrators, and other professionals, who may have difficulty with anger and frustration, especially in the work place. All sessions are with Dr. Hudson who is a physician certified in anger management


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