LECTURE-Anger Management for Physicians

Anger Management for Physicians and Surgeons

Anger is a normal emotion but when poorly managed can cause chaos in the medical workplace. It is widely recognized that patient safety and quality of care depend on good communication and teamwork. There is an increasing need for services to help doctors, and other health care workers, manage anger appropriately and communicate well.  Dr. Hudson is a Fellow of  the National Anger Management Association (NAMA) and an anger management specialist certified by NAMA.

This lecture teaches the skills needed to reduce angry outbursts, manage the frustrations of modern medicine and improve the communication skills needed to work in a healthcare team.

By the end of this lecture, participants should be able to:

  • Understand anger dynamics in terms of the anger cycle and the fight or flight theory
  • Understand how the personality of physicians and medical training can contribute to anger  
  • Be aware of  the legal, ethical and medical consequences of unmanaged anger
  • Recognize early signs of anger buildup and reading anger warning signs
  • Know the helpful and unhelpful ways of dealing with anger
  • Know techniques to control anger, particularly using coping thoughts, mindfulness and relaxation
  • Set boundaries and communicate needs
  • Know the difference between a boundary and an expectation
  • Improve communication and express a feeling or position using I-messages.
  • Understand how to identifying the problem
  • Understand the role of emotional intelligence and empathy
  • Know skills for constructive disagreement, including effective negotiation and solution-building
  • Understand how to deal with unrealistic expectations
  • … and much more

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