WORKSHOP-Mindfulness Skills for Physicians

Mindfulness Skills for Physicians

There is a large body of information that confirms the value of mindfulness techniques in medical practice. These same tools are also valuable for individual physicians and organizations as a method to reduce stress and improve functioning in everyday life. Individuals who learn and practice these techniques are less likely to experience burnout and anger. This workshop covers the theoretical and practical aspects of mindfulness and includes practical sessions to develop those skills under supervision. It can serve as  the cornerstone of a company wide program to reduce stress for employees of all kinds. This is not a religious or spiritually based workshop and seeks to develop an understanding of mindfulness based on scientific principles acceptable to all.

Audience: physicians, physician executives, practice managers, administrators, healthcare executives,

Recommended Number: 4-20

Time: 4 hours, one hour weekly session for 10 weeks are recommended. Can be adapted to 45 minute lecture

Suggested Add-ons: smart phone app

CME: may be available-additional fees apply

By the end of this workshop, participants should be able to:

  • Understand the theoretical background to mindfulness 
  • Know the difference between an attitude of mindfulness and a mindfulness practice
  • Know the difference between mindfulness and meditation
  • Understand the role of breathing in relaxation and health
  • Recognize the value of a non-judgmental attitude toward themselves and others
  • Be able to teach patients and other employees the skills of mindfulness
  • Understand the importance of increased self-awareness and empathy
  • … and much more

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