Physician Burnout

Physician and surgeon burnout is an area where coaching is especially helpful. Coaching for Physicians works with individual physicians and with organizations, like medical societies, hospitals and medical groups, to teach the skills needed to prevent and manage burnout and restore the joy to medical practice. It is rare for engaged physicians to become burned out. To that end, we also consult with organizations to develop and change the work environment to improve work-life balance and encourage physician engagement and reduce turnover and burnout. In so doing, both the physician and the organization gain from a reduced staff turnover, improved patent safety and a more functional and productive medical team. Read more…

REFERENCES & COMMENTS: “ I have been seeing (Dr. Hudson) for several months now. His coaching sessions have been extremely helpful. We are working on finding the joy in my work again as well as helping me learn how to improve my interactions with my office staff and colleagues…I have found our sessions to be so beneficial that we are now exploring having my team work with him to strengthen our interactions with each other.”~ Pediatrician/New Mexico

Burnout is common and the prevention and management of physician and surgeon burnout is an urgent matter.  The latest figures show that at any one time, almost every other physician is experiencing burnout and over a medical lifetime 80% may experience some signs. Whether newly trained residents or experienced physicians and surgeons the risk of burnout remains high, and seems to peak in mid-career.   Both men and women may suffer from burnout. Women doctors are slightly more likely to experience burnout than men but it often manifests differently. For example, women often experience burnout as exhaustion and a loss of purpose, whereas men are more likely to experience exhaustion, depersonalization and cynicism.  Doctor burnout is a worldwide phenomenon and while each country has unique issues that make the daily practice of medicine difficult, almost all physicians around the world experience the same issues with work-life balance and burnout.  


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