Is Coaching for You?

Well done is better than well said ~ Benjamin Franklin

Not everyone is a good candidate for coaching, so how can you know if coaching will help you?  Ask yourself the following eight questions:

1. Are you willing to think beyond your traditional mind-set and assumptions?  

2. Are you  willing to restructure your life and schedule?

3. Is it important to you to be the best you can be?

4. Are you  able to envision a preferred future?

5., Are you able to reach a decision through collaboration?

6. Are you willing to  engage in the necessary training to make change?

7. Do  you want to grow and become more conscious and competent?

8. Are you willing to follow a sequence of steps to meet your goals?

If you were able to answer most of these questions positively then you may be a good candidate for coaching

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Please be aware that Patrick Hudson does not practice psychotherapy, counseling or psychiatry and works only as a coach. If you suffer from an emotional or psychiatric problem he can refer you to a psychotherapist or psychiatrist.  

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