Existential Coaching

"Each existential coach and each client of existential coaching will have to discover their own truths and formulate their personal worldview rather than adopt that of a teacher or coach. Existential work is about encouraging people to explore what they themselves believe and value "~ Van Deurzen

Existential Coaching is based on  the  central assumption that life is uncertain. The only predictable thing we can say about life is that every day we will be confronted with the unpredictable. We all share these experiences of confronting the uncertainties of living. Sometimes these experiences are personal, like issues of health or romance and sometimes they are work related, as for example conflict in the work place or between competing companies. There is also uncertainty in the world around us that is both political and environmental. Whatever the uncertainty, one thing is certain and that is our experience of it creates a sense of unease or anxiety.

An Existential Coach recognizes that this unease is not necessarily “bad” or a problem that needs to be fixed. Indeed  a feeling of anxiety can be stimulating and is often the source of insight and decision making. Usually, we rely on tools like therapy or medication to try and relieve this sense of unease, when in fact we might be best using it as a tool for change. Existential Coaching recognizes an alternative way that does not apply psychotherapy techniques but rather helps the client create a secure and understandable life space. Existential coaches encourage their clients to get to know themselves more accurately and experience their worldview more honestly. In this way they can assist their clients to set goals that have genuine meaning and purpose for them and are therefore more likely to be achieved.  

 "Man is condemned to be free; because once thrown into the world, he is responsible for everything he does."~Jean-Paul Sartre

For the existential coach it is a given that each individual is unique and has their own worldview. They approach the client knowing that each person has not only freedom of choice but responsibility for those choices.  Existential coaches do not believe our lives are predetermined but rather  that we create our lives through the choices we make. We can become who we choose to become.All of us have a finite time in this world and our awareness of this can color our decision making. The existential coach can help you explore your idea of death and use the expanded knowledge to make better decisions for change today.  At some level all of us are aware of our existential isolation or loneliness. There is often tension between the awareness of our isolation  and our wish for contact and a desire to be part of something bigger than ourselves. Especially in career and relationship coaching the existential coach can help you understand and make choices in this constant struggle to balance existential isolation and connection. 

Existential angst is the awareness that since we all die, how do we make meaning of this absurd existence? The existential coach can help you find meaning by living your life well and living with passion and intensity. In a nutshell, the existential coach will help you change by exploring the meaning of your life so that the choices you make accurately reflect your values and who you are.

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