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"Those that look outside dream, those that look inside Awaken"~Carl Jung

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What do existential coaching and Jungian Analysis have in common? Dr. Hudson’s own journey toward existential coaching has taken him through extensive Jungian analysis and the life lessons of career, marriage, divorce, parenting, parental loss and retirement from surgery. During his over five years in Jungian analysis he came to understood why Jung felt that most of the people who came to him were not mentally ill but searching for meaning in their lives. This is exactly the experience of the existential coach, who begins with the assumption that the client is normal  and not  ill. This empowering view can lead to change in the client in many areas including career, relationships and life in general.  An existential coach does not simply help you achieve your goals  but helps you define your values and make your goals and values align.


The following is modified from the an article written by Mark Vernon for the BBC on the 50th anniversary of Jung’s death.  It is available in full at: http://www.bbc.com/news/magazine-13645959

Have you ever discussed whether you were introverted or extroverted? Undergone a personality test on a training course? Wondered what lurks in the shadow side of your character? Carl Jung is the person to thank…The shadow side of your character is that part of you which is normally hidden, but sometimes leaps out, catching you unawares. Why is it that the calmest people curse and swear when driving in traffic? Why is it that upright citizens sometimes commit crimes of passion? Jung had an answer - we all carry a shadow...Towards the end of his life, Jung reflected that many - perhaps most - of the people who came to see him were not…mentally ill. They were, rather, searching for meaning.

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