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Comments from Healthcare Organizations About Patrick Hudson MD, BCC

“As a physician, Dr.  Hudson understands the unique training and experiences associated with a career in medicine. As a board-certified coach, he is able to contextualize  that complexity and offer real-life  solutions, not  just surviving—but  thriving—in  the  industry…Dr.  Hudson created an environment that  encouraged candid and open dialogue about  difficult issues like social relationships and burnout…Patrick Hudson is skilled in many aspects of physician coaching …I would encourage any physician or healthcare team to consider partnering with  Dr.Hudson to  bring his specialized approach to supporting physicians in the  important work that  they  do.” Administrator/Idaho

“The physicians (in our group) and the CEO expressed great satisfaction with outcomes, the flexibility of his services, and it is our intent to use him again in the future…” Administrator/Texas

"In all instances, Dr. Hudson was professional, discreet and flexible with the timing of his coaching sessions to not interfere with patient schedules of those physicians he worked with." Administrator/New Mexico

"Dr. Hudson has helped coach providers within our organization over the last two years. He is responsive, accessible and knowledgeable. He has benefited the physicians we have sent to him and I would recommend him highly to help physicians adapt to the changing climate of healthcare." Physician Executive/Illinois

“The physicians…have found Dr. Hudson’s sessions to be extremely helpful, his story resonates with our physicians and theirs with him. He as a unique ability to meet the physicians where they are and to provide support and applicable techniques that provide tangible results. Our physicians always walk away with insight and Dr. Hudson’s sessions are well attended…I have personally consulted with Dr. Hudson when the physician team is struggling or when our administrative team is struggling to connect with our physicians. He is thoughtful, astute and provides useful suggestions for resolving the issues at hand. Dr. Hudson has helped our physicians develop tools to manage burnout and has acted as a trusted advisor. His guidance is respected and valued.” Administrator/New Mexico

“His professionalism and ability to connect with physicians provided an atmosphere of trust and willingness of our surgeon to work through some difficult issues…I highly recommend Dr. Hudson for your practice.” Administrator/Virginia

“Our organization has engaged him on an ongoing basis to coach our practicing physicians and physician leaders. He has helped us greatly in assisting and guiding physicians to be more balanced in their approaches to their work. He has impressed us with his depth on knowledge and commitment to his profession. I can, without reservation, recommend him to your organization.” Physician Executive/New Mexico


If your physicians find it hard to find time for individual sessions with Dr. Hudson we also provide online elearning for physicians including modules on soft skills, body language, work-life balance and anger management. Most of our classes have CME approval.

Lectures & Organizational Coaching

Coaching for physicians is the leader in specialized coaching for healthcare organizations and physicians.  We provide workshops, training and individual coaching services for physicians and organizations involved in healthcare, such as medical groups, hospitals, medical societies, medical research organizations and insurance companies. We also provide troubleshooting and confidential on-site coaching for high value physicians and surgeons, and other high profile clients, both nationally and internationally. If you need information about managing a disruptive physician or have been called a  disruptive physician, check out:

Coaching for Physicians can schedule appointments for Intensive coaching either at Dr. Hudson’s farm in Cedar Grove, Santa Fe, NM or his uptown office location in Albuquerque.  For an additional fee and expenses, Dr. Hudson will come to you and provide one-on-one, confidential marathon coaching intensives in your home, office or other location. In marathon coaching  individuals meet one-on-one with Dr. Hudson for 5 hours a day and for 1-3 consecutive days and stay overnight at a nearby hotel or bed and breakfast (we can help you make arrangements).Each individual or couple has a unique schedule that is worked out in advance. Marathon coaching is especially useful for physician clients who cannot attend weekly coaching sessions and need to travel from distant locations. It provides a brief, intensive and focused approach to your coaching issues and is designed to help you learn new skills in less time. This immersive experience is the quickest way to make changes and get up to speed on important soft skills concepts.

It is rare for engaged physicians to become burned out. To that end, we also consult with organizations to develop and change the work environment so that it encourages physician engagement and reduces turnover and burnout. In so doing, both the physician and the organization gain from a reduced staff turnover, improved patent safety and a more functional and productive medical team.

Most of our workshops are for a full day (6 hour) and can be adapted to a 45 minute keynote lecture. Call 505-280-4284 or email for prices.  We also offer individual coaching by telephone or in person.

Recent workshops/keynotes include: 

  • Managing Burnout For Wound Care Professionals-New Mexico Heart Institute (NMHI)
  • Managing The Angry And Difficult Patient-Women’s Specialists of New Mexico (WSNM)

The following is a list of the workshops most commonly requested from Coaching for Physicians.  We can also tailor a specific workshop for your organization’s needs. Patrick Hudson MD, FACS, BCC and Coaching for Physicians are an authorized partner for Wiley’s Everything DiSC® and the Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team Model®. Call 505-280-4284 or email for prices.Dr. Hudson is a Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team Accredited Facilitator.

Emotional Intelligence for Physicians-the Ten Soft Skills They Did Not Teach You In Medical School

One of the most common complaints leveled against doctors by patients and nurses is that the doctor lacks empathy and basic communication skills. This is not surprising given the selection process for medical school and the methods used in medical training. Many of the relationship issues in a  physician’s life could be improved with some basic training in emotional intelligence.  This workshops teaches essential information about emotional intelligence and provides the skills needed to communicate better with patients, colleagues, staff members and even partners and spouses.


How to Avoid and Manage Burnout for Physicians

Half of physicians report symptoms of burnout. Many are emotionally exhausted and feel disillusioned and cynical. If burnout is not managed they may experience depression, drug abuse, suicide, alcoholism, and other emotional problems. Unfortunately this can impact the quality of patient care. While many of the factors that cause burnout are systemic in modern medicine, there are several skills that can equip physicians to manage burnout and enjoy the practice of modern medicine. This workshop explains why physician burnout is a dilemma that must be managed and is not a problem that can be solved. 

Anger Management for Physicians 

Anger is a normal emotion but when poorly managed can cause chaos in the medical workplace. It is widely recognized that patient safety and quality of care depend on good communication and teamwork. There is an increasing need for services to help doctors, and other health care workers, manage anger appropriately and communicate well.This workshop teaches the skills needed to reduce angry outbursts, manage the frustrations of modern medicine and improve the communication skills needed to work in a healthcare team.

How to Manage Disruptive Physicians

Disruptive physician behavior often includes unhelpfulness or rudeness but in some cases may deteriorate into abusive or even violent behavior. When doctors intimidate or disrupt their peers, or other staff members, medical errors may occur. It also contributes to poor patient satisfaction and increases the cost of care. It is also a major factor in high nurse turnover. It is widely recognized that patient safety and the quality of care depends on good relationships, good communication and teamwork. One in four physicians admits to engaging in disruptive behavior at some time in their career. The need for services to help doctors is large and increasing with recent mandates from the Joint Commission (JCAHO) for assessment, intervention and monitoring of disruptive physicians. This workshop provided the skills needed to recognize and manage the disruptive physician and help avoid the costly results of legal, ethical and medical consequences of disruptive behavior.

Marital & Relationship Enrichment for Physicians

It is not true that doctors have a higher divorce rate than the general population but they are less happy in their marriages. Relationship difficulties can increase the possibility of career dissatisfaction and burnout. They also increase the risk that physicians and their spouses will experience depression, drug abuse, suicide, alcoholism, and other emotional problems. While physicians and their spouse or partner also experience the issues that any couple can experience, like sexual dysfunction or communication problems, they must also cope with the stress imposed by the modern practice of medicine. It is sometimes assumed that physician’s long work hours cause marital problems but the truth is that their excessive work is often caused by their desire to escape troubles at home.

Malpractice Support & Avoidance

Litigation is a common cause of emotional distress for doctors and medical malpractice litigation takes a toll on physicians and their families.Many cannot sleep and feel isolated or alone. After a lawsuit most doctors feel angry and irritable. This workshop provides information on malpractice support & prevention and helps individuals and organizations define their goals for the future.

Team Building for Physicians

Modern medicine is practiced in teams of physicians, nurses, mid-levels, support and administrative staff. All teams need a leader and in many cases the team leader in medicine is a physician. Even in a small private office the physician is considered the teamleader. Unfortunately many physicians lack the temperament or training to organize and manage effective healthcare teams.  As a team-leader, the physicians needs skills in communication, people management and an understanding of how teams work. In addition, they need a heightened awareness of social interactions and highly developed emotional intelligence skills. This workshop provides an introduction to leadership skills for all physicians and is especially useful for those in executive or management roles.   Coaching for Physicians is an authorized partner for Everything DiSC® and the Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team Model®. 

Mindfulness Skills for Physicians

There is a large body of information that confirms the value of mindfulness techniques in medical practice. These same tools are also valuable for individual physicians and organizations as a method to reduce stress and improve functioning in everyday life. Individuals who learn and practice these techniques are less likely to experience burnout and anger .This workshop covers the theoretical and practical aspects of mindfulness and includes practical sessions to develop those skills under supervision. It can serve as  the cornerstone of a company wide program to reduce stress for employees of all kinds. This is not a religious or spiritually based workshop and seeks to develop an understanding of mindfulness based on scientific principles acceptable to all.

Executive Coaching for the Physician Leader 

Physicians are increasingly called upon to act as executives in medical groups and organizations. Unfortunately many physicians lack the temperament or training to manage effectively. While a workshop is no substitute for individual executive coaching with a trained coach, this workshop provides an introduction to some executive skills needed by all physicians in executive or management roles.  As an executive, the physicians needs skills in communication, people management, empathy and an awareness of social interactions.

Conflict Management & Resolution in Healthcare

Conflict in the medical workplace is unavoidable but when managed well can prove to be beneficial. Indeed, appropriately managed conflict is an essential element of a functional team. This workshop introduces physicians to the tools they need to handle conflict and maintain relationships in a medical office or hospital setting.

Time Management for Physicians  

One of the main complaints of physicians is shortage of time. Many physicians are perfectionists and procrastinators and completing anything on time is a struggle. This workshop outlines some time management strategies that can be used in both personal and professional settings.  It also covers the basic communication skills needed to make certain boundaries are set and the physician’s needs are met.

Managing Angry and Difficult Patients  

At least one in 30 patient encounters involves a difficult or angry interchange.This is a daily event for most in medicine. Sometimes these encounters can turn violent and OSHA says that workers in the healthcare workplace are the most suffer an assault. These events are more common in some areas such as the ER, psychiatry and plastic surgery but are still an issue in all areas of outpatient medicine as well as hospital settings. This workshop explains the background to angry and difficult encounters and suggest ways for physicians and office staff to feel safe when dealing with the angry patient.

Coaching for Physicians  is an authorized partner for Wiley’s Everything DiSC and the Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team Model. Contact Patrick Hudson for more information and costs for workshops for your organization. 

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