Leadership Skills for Physicians

Modern medicine is practiced in teams of physicians, nurses, mid-levels, support and administrative staff. All teams need a leader and in many cases the teamleader in medicine is a physician. Even in a small, private office the physician is considered the teamleader. Unfortunately many physicians lack the temperament or training to organize and manage effective healthcare teams.  As a teamleader, the physician needs skills in communication, people management and an understanding of how teams work. In addition, they need a heightened awareness of social interactions and highly developed emotional intelligence skills. 

As a trained and authorized Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team Provider, Dr. Hudson is equipped to help individual physicians and organizations develop the skills needed to lead healthcare teams. The survival of the medical profession as we know it, requires the development of leadership skills not only for physician executives but for all physicians, even those in a one person office. Most non-physicians in healthcare and the public, think of doctors as the leader of the healthcare team. This is rapidly changing and  physicians  can choose to develop these skills and lead, or someone else will and lead them.

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