Malpractice Support

Dr. Hudson is available for malpractice support & prevention coaching for individuals and organizations. Litigation is a common cause of emotional distress for doctors and medical malpractice litigation takes a high toll on physicians and their families. After a lawsuit most doctors feel angry and irritable. Coaching for Physicians can support you through these times and help you define your goals for the future.For others the consequences can be more serious and many cannot sleep and feel isolated or alone.  Mindfulness techniques and supportive coaching are especially valuable at these stressful times.As a physician coach with over forty years experience in medicine and surgery, Dr. Hudson is uniquely qualified to coach physicians and their families, through the troubling times around medical malpractice litigation. He is available for individual physicians and organizations to advise and design programs to reduce the likelihood of malpractice litigation.

  Coaching for Physicians
 Specialized, Confidential Coaching Exclusively for Physicians
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