Divorce Coaching

 Life begins on the other side of despair

~Jean-Paul Sartre

Going through a divorce is often emotionally exhausting. Unfortunately it is more likely than not that a first marriage will not succeed and even more likely for a second.  If you have passed the point where marital counseling or coaching might help then coaching during the process of a divorce can provide emotional support and an understanding of what happened and how to make the most of the future.

In our society around two out of three first marriages are unsuccessful and three out of four second marriages fail. With couples coaching before and during a marriage you can do something to enrich your relationship and increase the odds of a long and loving relationship. No one goes into a marriage expecting to get a divorce so when it happens the results can be devastating. 

Dr. Hudson is an experienced coach in Albuquerque. He can help you through these trying times using coaching methods that  can assist  you to rebuild your life. He can work as  a coach within the framework of a  traditional or collaborative divorce, to help provide direction and meaning to the process.

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