Gottman 7 Principles Program Leader

Gottman Seven Principles Program Leader

Patrick Hudson 7P Certificate

Dr. Hudson is one of a small group of people worldwide trained and authorized as a Gottman Seven Principles Program Leader (Gottman Seven Principles Program Educator). He is authorized by the John Gottman Institute in Seattle to use the Seven Principles Program materials and teach lecture content that integrates research from the Seven Principles book.  Dr. Hudson can lead couples-one or both of whom is a physician-through relationship enhancing exercises and is the only physician and coach in United States authorized as a Gottman Seven Principles Program Educator. As such he is able to facilitate a Gottman Seven Principles Program for Couples already in a long term relationship and for those preparing for the commitment of marriage. These workshops are psycho-educational and not considered therapy or counseling.  

The Gottman institute says that"for over 30 years Dr. Gottman scientifically analyzed the habits of married couples and established a method of correcting the behaviors that puts thousands of marriages on the rocks.  He helps couples focus on each other, on paying attention to the small day-to-day moments that, strung together, make up the heart and soul of any relationship."

Gottman Seven Principles Program Educator Seal

Marital coaching is helpful for all couples and can enrich the relationship of those together for many years.  It is also useful for those preparing for marriage, especially a second or third marriage, who want to do everything they can to prevent problems and build a healthy relationship. In our society around two out of three first marriages are unsuccessful and three out of four second marriages fail. With couples coaching before and during a marriage you can do something to enrich your relationship and increase the odds of a long and loving relationship. No one goes into a marriage expecting to get a divorce so do not let it happen to you.

Dr. Hudson is the only coach and physician in the United States authorized by the Gottman Institute as a Seven Principles Program Educator. He is available to teach workshops for medical couples using the Gottman Seven Principles Program and other techniques. He organizes retreats for couples in both Albuquerque and Santa Fe.  If you would like to consider a retreat to enhance your marriage or relationship please fill in our contact form. He has a special interest in teaching couples who have no religious affiliation. Dr. Hudson also works with same sex couples.

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