Marriage Coaching

Many couples find themselves in a marriage that is less than satisfying  but want to preserve and improve the marriage for their own sake as well as children. In a situation like this marriage coaching is often helpful. Coaching assumes you are already doing some things well and just want to do better. The aim is to maximize performance and get the most out of your marriage. For many this is not just a matter of improving communication, although this does help. More important is learning how to nurture your relationship and find creative ways to solve problems.

As a physician coach, Dr. Hudson developed his skills as a therapist but today acts more as a facilitator and educator helping couples reach their full potential. The emphasis is shifted from a focus on the past to one focussed on the future. The goal is to help couples actualize their own vision of what they want to be and re-ignite the affection and love that was present when they first married.

Marital coaching is helpful for couples preparing for marriage, especially a second or third marriage, who want to do everything they can to prevent problems and build a healthy relationship. In our society around two out of three first marriages are unsuccessful and three out of four second marriages fail. With couples coaching before and during a marriage you can do something to enrich your relationship and increase the odds of a long and loving relationship. No one goes into a marriage expecting to get a divorce so do not let it happen to you. Dr. Hudson has expereince with a range of assessments suitable for couple coaching including the Myers Briggs Type Inventory (MBTI) .

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