Physician Outreach

The care and nurturing of physicians must begin long before they are ill or need medical or psychiatric attention. Coaching is ideal to identify and assist physicians with issues that might worsen and cause serious problems. Good examples are life work balance, burnout, anger, disruptive behavior and relationship concerns. We also offer organizational coaching and workshops. Many of the concerns of those looking after impaired physicians, like addiction, alcoholism, depression, anxiety and marriage breakup, have their roots in unhealthy behavior patterns. Some are  preventable by attending to an individual physician’s life work balance, communication style and relationships.  This is where coaching comes in. Coaching is NOT designed to treat any of these issues but long before they are problems for the doctor and those around them it can help identify and promote lifestyle changes that make them less likely.

“Coaching is the process of helping otherwise well functioning people achieve their personal or professional goals. ” Jeff Auerbach

Coaching is a proactive discipline that does not look back at the roots of an issue but rather looks  forward to identifying specific goals and find a way to achieve them.  Often using the tools of appreciative inquiry, a coach can provide you with the tools for  increased self awareness to identify your goals and the necessary accountability to achieve them. As  such it is a useful outreach tool for physicians who have issues associated with anger, relationships or communication.

Most physicians are reluctant to seek help from a psychiatrist because the physician does not consider them-self mentally ill. They do not want to be labelled with a psychiatric diagnosis.  Equally they prefer not to see a counselor or psychologist because they feel a non-physician cannot adequately understand the stressors in the life of a physician. At Coaching for Physicians, our Board Certified Coach is a physician with over 30 years experience in a wide range of medical arenas.Coaching is not designed to identify and treat pathology but it can help in the development of healthy life styles. Just as  a team or personal coach can help you with sports activities, a life coach is trained to assist in establishing a better game plan for your life.

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