Physician Retirement

"How old would you be if you didn’t know how old you are?"  ~ Satchel Paige

The average retirement age today is 62 and  every day 10,000 Baby Boomers reach the age of 65. One survey in 2013 suggested that more than half of physicians may consider retiring from medicine  within next 3 years. Some physicians are ill prepared for the changes that occur after retirement. They are usually in good health and can anticipate living longer lives and it is possible will spend more time in retirement than in their working life. 

When most doctors retire they are looking for ways to achieve and live their retirement dreams and view retirement not as an ending, but as a transition to a new and exciting phase of life. Dr. Hudson's experience retiring from a long and busy surgical practice has provided him with a deep personal knowledge and empathy for these issues. Given the right direction and support, there is every reason to suppose that you will navigate these waters and have many happy and productive years following your retirement.

"But how could you live and have no story to tell?"~Dostoevsky

We are all different in the way that we respond to the transition from work to retirement.  For some this transition is similar to their personal response to a job change during their working life. For others it may feel like a crisis.  However, many doctors are used to working long hours in a  respected position and find this transition difficult. When this happens you may need to adjust to personal shifts in your identity, status or power. Many identify financial constraints or medical problems that lead to difficulties achieving the goal of a long and happy retirement.

Many years ago counseling identified multiple models to aid  during the transition to retirement. Coaches have adapted many of these models for use with individuals who are having difficulty defining or achieving their retirement goals. Dr. Hudson was trained in the Retirement Options Program and may use the Retirement Success Profile™ and  LifeOptions Profile™ as well as other assessments, like the DiSC Profile or Myers Briggs Type Inventory (MBTI),  to help you  define the goals for your retirement.

In addition to individual coaching we also offer organizational coaching and workshops. For groups with several members considering retirement we can organize workshops or retreats to assist you in making choices making before retirement. Dr. Hudson is a member of the Retirement Coaches Association.


Session 1  Introduction-Personal Retirement Data, How Much Do You Know About Retirement?

Session 2 Work Reorientation-Types of Work After Retirement, I Don’t Know If It’s Good or Bad, I Just Know I Have To Retire

Session 3  Attitude Toward Retirement-Assessing Your Retirement Attitudes, Common Attitudes About Retirement

Session 4 Directedness - How Self Directed Are You?, Directed Thinking

Session 5 Health Perception-Health Practices Inventory, Health Habits

Session 6 Financial Security- How Do You Know What Your Priorities Are?

Session 7 Current Life Satisfaction-Lifestyle Questionnaire, Life Energy

Session 8 Projected Life Satisfaction-Retirement Lifestyle Questionnaire, Retirement Life Energy

Session 9 Life Meaning- Assessing Life Meaning, Five Major Life Meaning Needs

Session 10  Leisure-Leisure Is Where You Find It, Comprehensive List of Leisure Activities

Session 11 Adaptability -Adaptability Profile, Personal Points of Transition

Session 12  Life Stage Satisfaction-Past Life Successes, Future Life Successes

Session 13 Dependents-When Helping Isn’t Help,Dealing with Adult and Almost Adult Children

Session 14– Family and Relationship Issues -Inventory of Relationship/Family Functioning, Guidelines for Couples Approaching Retirement

Session 15   Perception of Age-What Is Your Functional Age, Your Best Years

Session 16  Replacement of Work Functions-The Five Functions of Work, Post Retirement Job Party Game

Session 17 Conclusion-Your Personal Retirement Mission Statement, Your Personal Retirement Options Plan

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