Three P’s

Most physicians complain that they do not have enough time. The 3Ps for goal setting help manage that problem by clearly defining your goals

3Ps for physicians  -  Setting meaningful, long-term goals is a big step toward achieving your dreams. In turn, setting and achieving short-term goals can help you accomplish the tasks you'll need to achieve the long-term ones. It is also important to make sure that all of your goals unleash the power of the three P's: 

POSITIVE: Who could get fired up about a goal such as "Find a career that's not boring"? Goals should be phrased positively, so they help you feel good about yourself and what you're trying to accomplish. A better alternative might be this: "Enroll in pre-law classes so I can help physicians with legal problems someday." 

PERSONAL: Goals must be personal and reflect your own dreams and values, not those of your spouse, friends, family, or the media. When you make your goal statement, always use the word “I” in the sentence to brand it as your own. When your goals are personal, you'll be more motivated to succeed and take greater pride in your accomplishments.

POSSIBLE: When setting goals, be sure to consider what's possible and within your control.  When you were in high school, getting into an Ivy League university was possible if you were earning good grades but unrealistic if you were struggling. In the latter case, a more reasonable goal was to attend a university  that offered courses related to your chosen career and a less demanding curriculum. 

REFERENCES & COMMENTS:  “The physicians…have found Dr. Hudson’s sessions to be extremely helpful, his story resonates with our physicians and theirs with him. He as a unique ability to meet the physicians where they are and to provide support and applicable techniques that provide tangible results. Our physicians always walk away with insight and Dr. Hudson’s sessions are well attended…I have personally consulted with Dr. Hudson when the physician team is struggling or when our administrative team is struggling to connect with our physicians. He is thoughtful, astute and provides useful suggestions for resolving the issues at hand. Dr. Hudson has helped our physicians develop tools to manage burnout and has acted as a trusted advisor. His guidance is respected and valued.” Administrator/New Mexico

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