Why choose coaching with Dr. Hudson?

When you choose coaching you have some important decisions to make about who you are going to talk to…

First, you need someone who is qualified. Almost anyone can call themselves a coach and even those who have a qualification have only limited training. Some "qualified" physician coaches have never taken any kind of certification or if they have it is very limited in its value. Dr. Hudson is a fully qualified and board certified coach recognized by the Center for Credentialing & Education (CCE). The CCE  developed the Board Certified Coach (BCC) credential to independently verify that applicants have met high professional coaching competency standards.  This is not a membership but an internationally recognized qualification only possessed by individuals with a graduate degree in psychology or counseling. In addition, Dr. Hudson has advanced degrees in mental health counseling and medical ethics.

Second, you want your coach to be experienced. Dr. Hudson has decades of experience in medicine and has been working exclusively with physicians in the area of coaching and psychotherapy for almost a decade.

Third, you want someone who knows what it is like to be a physician and surgeon, someone who has worked those long hours and knows what it is like to experience the joys, sorrows and stress of medical practice. Dr. Hudson has been a licensed physician and board certified surgeon for decades. He was in active surgical practice for over 30 years. 

Fourth, you want someone who has experience of life. Dr. Hudson received his medical degree in England and worked there before coming to the United States. He has worked on both sides of the United States and for governments, large corporations, universities and in private practice. He has known the joys and sorrows of life including parenting, divorce and parental loss. 

Fifth, you do not require a mental health specialist for coaching. Most physicians who need coaching are high functioning individuals and do not need to be labelled as mentally ill by a psychiatrist, mental health counselor or psychologist.  Dr. Hudson has an advanced degree in mental health counseling and will refer you as needed.

We encourage you to take the time to review Dr. Hudson’s qualifications before you choose your coach.

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Patrick A. Hudson MD, FACS, MA, MS, MALA, BCC,Board Certified Coach,
2900 Louisiana Blvd. NE Ste E-1, Albuquerque, NM 87110, USA    Telephone: 505-280-4284  

                        EverythingDiSCŪ Authorized Partner and EverythingDiSCŪ Certified Trainer                        
Listed as a resource for physician remedial education by the Federation of State Medical Boards.  
Dr. Hudson does not practice psychotherapy, counseling or psychiatry and works only as a coach.

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